Problems with Internet Explorer when running seamless sessions, but working from Desktop

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So ive been running into this problems a few times, it started when xenapp 6 was released enabling to run citrix on server 2008. The problem occurs a new profile is created, ie new user or profile wipe, and running seamless applications. Mostly its affecting Internet Explorer, but can in some cases also affect other applications. When the user surfs the internet/intranet or to sites using addons/plugins to IE, IE behaves mysteriously, gpo settings might not be applied to the user, trusted sites dont work or IE security zones looks corrupt. But if you publish a desktop to the user it works fine, and after the user have logged on to the desktop the seamless apps starts behaving correctly as well. Its only affecting users who use seamless apps and not yet logged in and used a desktop session.

The reason for this behavior is because when you run a seamless session, your not using explorer as a shell. And when the profile is created it needs the explorer process to create lots of stuff that is needed by IE among others.

You can easily test this yourself. If you publish something like notepad or Internet Explorer to a user with no profile yet created. When that user has started the application and the profile is created you can have a look into his registry here:

Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Internet Settings

There is going to be a few keys here but if you compare to a user that has started a desktop session its lots more. It wont create the security zones or trusted sites settings needed to use trusted sites.

A quick fix is to just push the Internet Settings key to your users if your not publishing a Desktop. But i would be careful using this and go through every key to see what i would need and not need on my platform.

Microsoft has a KB about this problem aswell where you run “runonce.exe /AlternateShellStartup” when the user logs on. And supposedly creates all the registry settings as if you would use explorer as a shell. I say supposedly because i havnt verified it. KB951048

Citrix has an article about this as well with the same solution so it should be a working solution. CTX127874

This will affect applications in your environment that relies on internet settings such as security zones like connecting to intranet sites or even cifs shares that should be trusted intranet sites.


  1. February 12th, 2014 at 22:28 | #1
    Old Citrix dude

    To fix IE you can create a run once gp preference that run,
    “C:\Windows\System32\ie4uinit.exe” -BaseSettings
    “C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ie4uinit.exe” -BaseSettings

    If you want more settings you can choose from,

  2. March 31st, 2014 at 16:31 | #2

    Cool stuff, helped me to resolved the problem.
    Thanks !

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